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“It's the first time in my life that there was a cause greater than (myself). There were times at night time that you couldn't wait until dawn to come because you had to get certain of your jobs done. That's the thrill I have never re-lived since then.”

- John Aiso

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Pacific Theater Overview
Alaskan Defense Command
South Pacific Command
South West Pacific Command
South East Asia/China-Burma-India
Central Pacific Command
European Command
Continental US Command
Occupied Japan

Pacific Theater Overview

Pacific Theater

MIS Nisei linguists served in almost every major battle and campaign in the Pacific War. The Army sent them to the Aleutian Islands to the north, India to the west, and Australia to the south.

They gathered information from POW interrogations, translations of maps, diaries and other documents, and radio transmissions. This work helped Allied commanders make informed decisions, whether on the battlefields or from area command posts. Other linguists worked on propaganda and other specialized programs.

The U.S. Command divided the Pacific War into regional campaigns, each led by a different commander. The commanders oversaw the planning and operations for each of the areas. MIS Nisei linguists’ duties depended on the leaders of each campaign, the terrain of the battlefields, and their own initiative.

Commanders and Regions:

North and Central Pacific Ocean areas, and the South Pacific Command:
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Southwest Pacific Command:
General Douglas MacArthur

China-Burma-India Command:
Lord Louis Mountbatten of Great Britain

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