Detention Camp Class Kit

The Internment Camp Class Kit is a valuable resource for teaching about the Japanese American WWII internment. This Class Kit helps teachers present a meaningful, interactive program with hands-on experience. Through reading, writing, discussion and the arts, students will be exposed to the social, emotional and legal aspects of what happened to Japanese Americans – two-thirds of them American citizens – who were placed in detention camps for up to three years during WWII.

These ready-to-use materials for a class of 34 help engage students in developing decision-making and critical-thinking skills.

Kit Includes:
Photo Exhibit: 36 photographs and descriptions of the Japanese American internment experience
Classroom Activities Guide: Children of the Camps
Teacher’s Guide: “The Bill of Rights and the Japanese American WWII Experience”

Interpretive display items on the following areas:

  • Evacuation: For sales sign, reproduction of Eviction Order, duffle bag
  • Into the Camps: US map of Detention Camps, camp, barrack layout
  • Camp Life: Audiotape and companion guide “Through Innocent Eyes” which details personal accounts of camp experiences, shadow boxes
  • Aftermath: Copy of US government apology letter, origami instruction and supplies

Fee: $30.00 for 2-week rental, plus shipping charges. $50 deposit required.
Grade Level: 4-12 grades.

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